It is designed as a testing laboratory where routine, type and special experiments (other than short circuit dynamic resistance experiment) specified in the standards can be conducted during production of transformers up to 300 MVA power and a highest operating voltage of 420kV.

Experiment field: 15,5 m x 2m x 18m ( width x length x height )
Control room: 
7m x 7m.
Machine hall: 
10m x 6m ve 6,5m x 8m
Condenser banks section: 
22m x 4m

A vertical transport door with 7,5 m width and 12 m height was built for entrance to / exit from the laboratory, in addition to which measures were taken for screening and noise isolation. Side walls, floor and ceiling were screened as “Faraday cage” and noise isolation was established. There is a crane with two separate hooks for 3 tons and 500 kg, for lifting and assembly up to certain weights.

In addition to the floor structure designed according to weights of transformers to be tested, whole surface of the structure formed as a square with 200mm “I“ profile was covered with 10 mm. sheet. 8 mm epoxy was covered on sheet surface. Therefore, transformers could be carried with air cushion. In order to make noise measurements on transformers, noise insulation was made on side walls, ceiling and doors. Noise level difference between outdoors and experiment area is at least 30dB. Many 6-meter long ground rods prepared from galvanised pipes (deep grounding rod) were driven and a grounding system was established by connecting them with galvanised tapes.

Energy supply required by the laboratory during experiments and measurements was fed with two methods. One of these is direct supply from 34,5kV grid, while the other one is supply through generators. There is a 60 Hz, 1000kVA generator and a 50 Hz 330kVA generator as well as a 150 Hz, 500kVA generator for induced voltage experiments in the laboratory. In order to ensure compliance of source voltages with experiment voltages, a 3-coil intermediate transformer with 4,7 MVA power and 62,5(84)kV voltage was used. Furthermore, a 2000kVa intermediate transformer was established in order to increase 60 Hz generator output to 34,5kV.

There are two reactors, one 720kVAr and the other 1000kVAr, for compensation of 150 Hz generator in induced voltage experiments. 350kV capacitive voltage divider was established with 150 kVA 350kV single phase transformer for applied voltage experiments. 1000kVAr regulated condensator groups as well as condensator groups that can be regulated in potential-free status at different voltage steps up to 62,5kV with a total power of 45MVAr that can be directly connected to experiment output were established for compensation of 60 Hz generator. There is an impulse generator with a voltage of 2000kV and total power of 200kJ, as well as a 2000kV voltage divider and interrupted wave unit. Measurements are made with digital 10 bit, 120 MHz digital measurement system.