We provide different career opportunities to our employees with practices such as promoting, transfer and change of position in accordance with their behavior that make a difference and their successful results.

General Application

We intend to establish a long term, efficient and effective “win-win” relationship for both the candidate and our company by conducting a recruitment process that matches the philosophy of “correct person for correct job”. Common qualifications that are required for all positions can be identified as a successful educational background, fluency in foreign languages and advanced social capabilities. Applications made to our website are viewed only by BEST A.Ş. Human Resources. All applications are evaluated on the basis of confidentiality. All blue- and white-collar applications are received online. Personal applications are also accepted at 14:30 every Friday at our Balikesir HIZ Plant. Candidates graduated from a vocational high school and/or vocational college successful in fields such as metal works, electric-electronic, machinery, etc.; as well as candidates who have professional experience in painting or welding, can apply with a photograph to the address given in contact section of the website. Our candidates can monitor vacant white collar positions at We intend to create the potential future human resource of BEST A.S. with internship opportunities that we provide to high school and university students.

Procedures that White Collar  Candidates may Encounter during this Process;

> Job Application Form
> Preliminary Interview Form
> Foreign Language Tests
> Essay Writing in English
> Personality Inventory
> HR Interview
> Technical Interview
> Reference Check
> Job Offer
> Candidate Information (Negative feedback)

Procedures that Blue Collar Candidates may Encounter during this Process;

> General Culture / Aptitude Tests
> Handcraft Tests
> Technical Interview 

University Internships

Mandatory internship applications for university students are accepted in February and March. Applications can be made only from security desks at our HIZ and OIZ plants. Online applications are not taken into consideration. Candidates that make internship applications are notified at the end of April regarding whether they are accepted. Internship dates differ according to universities and departments. Our company is introduced and Occupational Health and Safety training is given during the first weeks of internship to students that start internship.

Our Preliminary Selection Criteria:

> Relevance of department, where the student studies, with business processes of the Company,
> Intern quotas of departments

Internship records of candidates that successfully complete their internship periods are approved; while internships of interns that have periods of absence during internship or interns that fail to fulfill their duties are not approved.

High School Internships

There is no application process for high school interns. The students are determined by the Provincial Directorate of National Education directing the relevant schools. Internships are held during the education period in September to June.

> Every year in April, Human Resources department issues a High School Intern Request Form throughout the Company to determine student number of departments, area of profession, internship day requests.
> The need for interns, determined according the abovementioned form, is submitted together with requirement determination form completed by the Human Resources Department to Provincial Directorate of National Education and relevant school directorates in May.
> Vocational training contracts for students, whose internships are finalized, are submitted by relevant schools to the Human Resources Department during the first week of the educational term in order to initiate the internship process.
> Our company is introduced and Occupational Health and Safety training is given during the first week of internship to students.


An orientation period, beginning from the first day, is implemented for the purpose of facilitating adaptation of all new employees to the company and to share corporate culture and values as soon as possible; while department visits and introductions are organized with a program at the end of the first month. For all employees that start working, two employees from the department are appointed as mentors by the applicable department manager. Mentors are liable for observing the new employee and assisting him in order to facilitate his adaptation for two months from the date of their appointment.

During the orientation, it is intended to;

> Provide detailed information on the company and transfer organizational structure to employees,
> Introduce the employee to his managers, coworkers and other departments,
> Explain department work processes / flows in detail,
> Provide detailed information on BEST A.Ş. Human resources practices,
> Reduce learning period and assist the employee in achieving his goals. “On-the-Job Training” is given to new white - collar employees by a department employee to be determined by the manager. Our mentor system applies to our blue - collar employees as well.

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