Distribution transformers are used in urban distribution systems, buildings and industrial plants. BEST produces distribution transformers for all kinds of needs with its experience dating  1964, as well as its modern design and production plants. Design of all kinds of oil-immersed distribution transformers below 12,5MVA and 72,5kV are made by BEST design team according to the principles of maximum efficiency, compactness and endurance in compliance with customer demands.

Distribution Transformers
Distribution transformers are essential components of distribution grids and transmission grids. They are used in industrial plants, houses and in lighting networks. Their designs are made in compliance with different specifications of local power administrations throughout the world, as well as utilization in industrial plants.

> Up to 12,5MVA, 72,5kV.
> The most widely-used, most diversified transformers.

Rectifier Transformers
Rectifier transformers are used for feeding speed control drives, DC motor drives, load elevators and rolling mills. BEST produces rectifier transformers according to required voltage and frequency.

> Up to 20MVA and 36kV.

> 6- , 12- and 24- pulsed

Earthing Transformers
Earthing transformers are used for creating a neural point that can be connected to the ground for systems fed with delta connected coil. They can not only used only for grounding, but they can also provide output to meet service needs. (auxrliory)

> Up to 72,5kV.
> In ZN, ZNyn and YN(d) connection groups.
> Designs made with different currents and periods according to customer requirements.