Best Transformers main goal is to provide solution to customer, more than just selling a product. With large engineering team and full time employed Research & Development (R&D) personnel, we are doing more than just designing a transformer.

Transformers are designed as per customer specifications and latest national and international standards. Durable products aimed to have good working life with optimized design.

Best A.S. developed its own technology with more than 50 years of experience in field.

Specifications like IEC, ANSI and GOST could be fully complied. In addition, local specifications or customer-based requirements designed with our experience. The most important thing in design of transformer is giving the specific solution for the specific customer needs as fast as possible.

Electrical design team of Best mainly focused on active part design; selecting the right insulators, right tap changer and accessories as per customer requirements. High currents and high voltages are the main considerations in design. Mechanical design team is responsible for handling the short circuit currents and high pressures in tank. Earthquake withstand ability of transformer, high voltage (750kV), high current (130kA) and ambient temperatures from -55°C up to 55°C are some considerations that design teams are considering in design. Our transformers could work in industrial conditions, tropical ambient, on-shore/Off-shore applications and so on. Noise insulation and cooling system design are some expertise areas we research.

From tendering stage until the end of manufacturing; every transformer is designed and manufactured specially as unique piece of equipment. In order to find most optimized solution; BEST is using latest technology tools and design software. After every design, we analyze every design in simulation software to test the transformer before manufacturing it. After “simulation tests”, manufacturing drawings are prepared (as built) by our experienced drafter and engineers.

Before starting the production, 3D modelled transformers simulated in analysis software and latest checks performed. With ability of flexible software and skill of our engineers, all harsh conditions for transformers could be modelled. Without outsourcing; BEST could perform electrostatic, electromagnetic field, earthquake, temperature transfer and fluid dynamics, noise simulation and all transformer analyses.

All simulation software is licensed and used by R&D team of Best.

After manufacturing of transformer and Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT); direct feedback to design engineers are provided due to correction of calculation tools and checking the accuracy of analyses. Therefore, every manufactured product is an opportunity for Best to improve its design and calculation abilities. This leads to more accurate and faster responses for our customers.

Every product we make is a transformer of future.

The main expectation from a transformer is long life without problem. With recent requirements from markets, smart grid suitability, energy quality and environmental requirements are some very important considerations in design and manufacturing too.

Our R&D investments started in 1984s. In 2010; Science, Industry and Technology Ministry is officially accepted BEST R&D Center as “Turkey’s Energy R&D Center”. Best had the first R&D center in Turkey for energy researches.

In 2014, R&D Center awarded with “Leading R&D Company in Energy Business”.

Our main capital is our workers… So R&D center is continuously educates the personnel and supporting self-development for white and blue collar.

Best is also trying to protect its know-how with patents. Company has more than 10 patent application and a dedicated patent team is trying to create more knowledge.

Mainly; company supports R&D finance. Regarding the project, Turkish government also supports the R&D center. More than 20 government-approved projects completed by Best.

Best has around 60 full time R&D personnel for R&D projects, working in OSB factory in a specially protected area.

Software team in R&D center is mainly developing software for latest industry needs. Cost calculation, optimization and design tools created by BEST itself.

BEST is not only investing in R&D, we also try to develop our product and manufacturing abilities too. Some methods like 5S, 6 Sigma, continuous improvement system, Internet of Things (IoT), increasing the performance of workers are some areas we focus.