In the new plant commissioned in 2009 in Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone; transformers up to 1250 MVA power and 750kV voltage values and 22% (bigger short circuit voltages at smaller nominal voltages) short circuit voltage, shunt reactors up to 350MVAr power and 550kV voltage values, Furnace Transformers and Rectifier Transformers can be tested. It was constructed with all specifications that can conduct all routine and type tests (other than dynamic short circuit resistance test) specified by standards.

Experiment Field: 30 m x 35m x 21m ( width x length x height )
Control Room: 6m x 9m. 
Machine Hall: 38m x 17m x 8m
Condenser banks section: 38m x 17m x 7m 

A vertical transport door with 8 m width and 14 m height was built for entrance to / exit from the laboratory, in addition to which measures were taken for screening and noise isolation. 450lx average lighting level was provided in laboratory experiment area. Side walls, floor and ceiling were screened as “Faraday cage” and noise isolation was established. There is a crane with two separate hooks for 3 tons and 500 kg, for lifting and assembly up to certain weights.

Lighting was provided with sodium vapour lamps, which were also supported with ordinary incandescent bulbs; one in each group that provides fast lighting. Heaters (silent) that can provide an average 52.500m3 hot air per hour were located near ground level for heating. In order for hot air formed during heating experiments to be discharged, a low-speed (silent) aspirator system, which is able to intake 352.500m3 air per hour, was installed on the ceiling of the laboratory

Energy supply required by the laboratory during experiments and measurements was fed by two separate generators. One of these is a 50/60Hz, 10MVA, 6kV induction motor with 2500kW power, while the other one is a 100-180Hz, 3MVA, 6kV induction motor with 1000kW. In order to ensure compliance of source voltages with experiment voltages; a 52-step, 2-coil intermediate transformer with 15MVA power and 2kV to 111,5kV(123) voltage was used. There is a reactors with 3MVAr for compensation of 150 Hz generator in induced voltage experiments. 600kV serial resonance system with 2400kVA power and 800kV capacitive voltage divider were established for applied voltage experiments. Condensator groups with a total power of 151,2MVAr(216), to which numerous different connections can be made at voltages between 12kV and 124,7kV, were established for power measurement and heating experiments. There is an impulse generator with a voltage of 2400kV and total power of 240kJ, as well as a 2400kV voltage divider and interrupted wave unit.