We, as BEST A.S., consider every employee as a talent. We prepare personal improvement opportunities and establish a contributory work environment where our employees will expose and improve their potentials, and ensure that they take advantage of career opportunities and the company with regular organizations and brainstorming meetings that we hold with senior management.

When we prepare our HR plans, we intend to discover true talents and employ talents of not only today, but also the future. The common objective of all tools that we use for the purpose of discovering talents of our employees is to know our employees well, become aware of their expectations and to fulfill such expectations. Our most common tool, which we use for this purpose and which involves all of our employees, is the Objective Based Performance Evaluation System specific to BEST A.S. The purpose of the system that involves all of our employees is not only to evaluate our employees, but also to ensure their participation in business plans, motivate them for success and to carry out planning for improving their potentials.

Our company has a young and highly qualified employee profile. It is quite important in terms of Talent Management to know and manage their career expectations and objectives, to ensure that they develop objectives in parallel with the company and to be able to guide them to manage their objectives correctly.