BEST A.S. Testing Laboratories successfully completed ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation. They are the first transformer testing laboratories in Turkey that were accredited by TURKAK.
Our testing laboratories are equipped with state of the art testing devices and all experiments required in IEC standards, other than mechanical resistance against short circuits, can be conducted.
BEST AS company has a total of 5 testing laboratories.

1- HIZ Testing Laboratory 1: tests up to 250MVA / 420kV are conducted,
2- HIZ Testing Laboratory 2: tests up to 16MVA / 36kV are conducted,
3- OIZ Testing Laboratory 1: tests up to 1250MVA / 750kV are conducted,
4- OIZ Testing Laboratory 2: tests up to 300MVA / 420kV are conducted,
5- OIZ Chemistry Laboratory

Tests conducted on transformers can be categorized as follows:

Test Conducted During Production
Coil resistance measurement test is conducted in two processes: following coil production and after completion of assembly of the active component of transformer. In addition; conversion ratio measurement and assignment of connection group, as well as DC insulation resistance measurement tests are conducted for each transformer. Routine tests are the tests conducted on each produced transformer in accordance with TS 267 and IEC-60076 standards. These are conversion ratio measurement and connection group assignment, windy resistance measurement, applied voltage test, induced voltage test, no load loss and no load current measurement, on-load loss and short circuit voltage loss, loss angle and capacity measurement, DC insulation resistance measurement, voltage regulation and efficiency measurement tests.

Type Tests
These are heating and lightning impulse tests, conduct of which on only one transformer is sufficient for batch jobs.

Special Tests
BEST A.S. testing laboratories are able to conduct all tests, other than short circuit test in IEC, in accordance with customer demands. These include noise level measurement, no load current and harmonic components measurement, zero sequence impedance measurement, partial discharge measurement, oil dielectric resistance measurement, AC insulation test for bushings, fan loss measurement if fan cooling is used, on-load tap changer tests , function tests for protection, alarm and control equipment as well as insulation tests.

Acceptance Tests
Tests for transformers, production and routine tests of which are completed, that are repeated in the presence of customer or customer representative. Acceptance tests cover those determined by the customers among the tests mentioned above.

Field Tests
These are tests in accordance with customer demands after transformers are located and assembled at site and before power is supplied.

Identification of Faults and Tests Before Maintenance
Tests conducted on faulty transformers that are sent to our plant for repair, as well as tests before periodical maintenance.