In the present day, establishments have realized that total quality phenomenon is the most important element in achieving international competitive advantage. BEST A.S. works hard to;

> Establish quality awareness,
> Ensure satisfaction of our customers,
> Ensure a healthy and extensive monitoring opportunity for all activities,
> Share our experiences with stakeholders and to provide added value to the society,
> Establish and maintain a dynamic Quality Management System that is open to continuous improvement,
> Become an example organization with its leadership in terms of quality

in order to improve performance of the establishment in line with the principle of economical and high quality products in consideration of its current and future requirements.

QUALITY, which means satisfying requirements completely and in a timely manner, with environmental awareness, at a safe and reliable level with the focus on customers and emphasis on process in all our products and services, is the necessary condition for achieving our objective. Good operation of Quality Management System and adoption of quality understanding shall be ensured by participation, satisfaction and efforst of all employees, by doing a high-quality work at the first time, by using our resources in a planned manner, and pursuant to work safety rules.

Balıkesir Elektromekanik Sanayi Tesisleri A.S. has TS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate.