Our Vision
Becoming a global player in Transmission Distribution sector area with all electromechanical product groups.
Our Mission
Increasing our market share in Turkey and throughout the World in production of Transformer and Shunt Reactor; our technology and know-how developer position; at all levels of voltage and power.
Our Values

> Our Products and Services: The results of our efforts. The more our products and services are appreciated by out customers, the more will our value increase.

> Our Gains: The indicator of the extent, to which our products or services meet the expectations of customers. We intend to gain profit in order to obtain necessary resources for improving our products and services. Our method of fulfilling our primary duty is as important as the duty itself. As they are our core values which will lead our compnay to success. 

> Our Employees: The source of our strength. We intend to increase capabilities and satisfaction of our employees by providing them with opportunities for improvement. Our principle is to conduct “Team Work”, ensuring their participation in every field.